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3 Simple Videos You Should Create to Promote Your Business

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How can a small company owner with a limited budget get started when it comes to video marketing? Prioritise the videos that will best benefit your business when you first begin. Let’s look at the first three videos your company should produce right now, using that foundation.

Marketing videos edited properly with video editor are now more accessible than ever before. Read on to learn about the best videos for small businesses.

1. Explainer videos 

Make a product explanation video if you don’t plan on making any other videos. “Is this business even legitimate?” is the question you may have asked yourself when browsing a company’s website. An explainer video is the first film you should develop since this is the final impression you want to leave on a visitor to your site or a prospective client.

It’s best to keep your explanation films under three minutes. They should be able to swiftly and briefly describe the benefits of your product and how it addresses a specific issue. In this way, prospective consumers and prospects may rapidly acquire a sense of your product and why it’s a good match for them.

Keep in mind that the substance of your film is considerably more significant than the slickness or professionalism with which it is produced. Producing a good product explainer video doesn’t have to be expensive. Before spending a lot of money, consider making a video that’s more do-it-yourself with the help of a video editor and see how it works for your company. You can always update or test alternative versions of your video production to determine which one connects the best with your audience afterward. 

Your product features might be easy to overlook, but focusing on the issue your company addresses is what matters. With video, it’s all about appealing to your audience’s emotions and explaining how your solution may make their life simpler, better, and more fulfilling—whatever the case may be.

Here are some more explainer videos your small company may start producing now that you’ve discovered the value in product explainer videos. There are various options open to you, each requiring a different amount of effort and money from you in the end.

  • Animations in the form of video

When it comes to making an explainer video, animated videos are one of the most popular options, and they can be easily outsourced via businesses or even freelancers.

  • Live-action video 

Even if you have an in-house video producer, here are some suggestions for making your film as successful as possible if you intend on shooting it yourself:

  1. Begin with a strong script. A superb explainer film is built based on well-written content.
  2. It’s best to keep it to 60 seconds or fewer.
  3. Use terminology that is suitable for casual discussion. 
  4. Include some pictures of the product you’re trying to promote in your video.

2. Video testimonials 

It’s understandable that some firms are reluctant to solicit customer feedback, but who can blame them? In the beginning, the process might be intimidating and difficult to estimate the return on investment. There is no need for more than one or two high-quality testimonial films in your collection to observe the impact they may have.

Get to know your clients and their stories by interviewing them and posting and editing videos with the Video Editor of their success on a prominent page of your website. Again, when it comes to small company marketing, establishing a foundation of trust may be a challenge. You may, however, go above and beyond this aim with an outstanding testimonial video.

Starting with interviews with long-term customers who have experienced actual outcomes as a consequence of your product, post these videos on a prominent page of your website.

Think about who your ideal consumer is while you’re brainstorming potential interviewees. Keep in mind when putting testimonials online that you should only use consumers that are a good fit for your target audience. Customers should be able to identify with the people and companies featured in your testimonial films.

In the end, video testimonials assist customers have greater faith in your company and the products and services you provide. Then why wouldn’t they do it? Actual clients are the best models for your products and services.

There are several benefits of using customer testimonials on your website and off-site marketing efforts. Create a separate YouTube Channel for your films and post them on relevant product pages. You can also post them on social media.

3. Company story video 

Story films are a great method to tell the backstory of your small business. What is the origin of your company? What was the driving force behind the establishment of the business? Make your customers feel right at home with the help of your staff members by showcasing their smiling faces on your website. For one thing, more people purchase items and services based on emotions than on reasoning, which is why it’s so crucial to appeal to visitors’ emotional states.

Using a film to tell your company’s narrative is a unique and powerful way to connect with your customers on a personal level. People are more likely to have a favourable impression of your company if they are able to identify it with well-known names and faces. Brand recognition and loyalty may both be increased via the use of compelling films that tell the narrative of a company’s history.

There is no better way than a corporate narrative film to demonstrate the human side of your business and what sets it apart from the competition.


For marketers, evaluating various channels and approaches before committing to one is the best way to make educated choices. Moreover, when you work for a small firm, you want to ensure that your time is well spent. So, as a video software firm established by marketers, we suggest starting with these three kinds of films.

You’ll be far on your way to developing a more credible and buzzworthy firm if you can just create trust, credibility, and demonstrate this to your employees.

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