3 Types of Men’s Underwear and How to Choose the Right One


Quality underwear should be a priority if you want to keep yourself feeling comfortable throughout the day. Nowadays, the rising awareness about personal hygiene, health, and the growing millennial population has allowed the availability of a wide variety of products for different purposes, like sports, functional, and regular wear. These factors are behind the massive growth of the men’s underwear market in recent years.

Quality men’s support underwear absorb sweat and body fluids from the groin area. Also, it regulates temperature in the lower part of the body. This little piece of garment can influence your daily life to a significant extent. But, remember that not every kind of underwear is suitable for everyone.

Here is the breakdown of its most common types to help you find the one that is right for you.

1. Boxers

These were initially created by taking a cue from the loose boxing shorts that professional boxers wore, and they are the most comfortable kind of underwear. Boxers are defined by a loose and baggy fit that makes them so breathable. They provide a lot of freedom of movement and keep your genitals fresh and dry throughout the day. This is the reason why it’s not surprising to find them being the most popular among men.

2. Trunks 

This kind of undergarment gives lesser thigh coverage and is crafted with less fabric and a small waistband. They retain their elasticity for a longer period than boxers and are more fitting. Trunks are also less baggy than boxers, but what makes them unique is the incredible support they provide to the crotch area.

3. Briefs

Briefs have been around for the longest period. This type of men’s support underwear gives you maximum comfort and support by offering full freedom of movement around your legs. Briefs can be categorised into:

  • Low-rise briefs that sit at the bottom of the hip bone. They usually enhance the look of your crotch area.
  • Mid-rise briefs give you more coverage than low-rise ones. They are breathable and fit nicely around the waistline.
  • Full-rise briefs offer complete coverage. If you want to make your waistline look slimmer, then you should go with this variant.

Choosing the Right Underwear for Yourself

  • If you have a slim body type, the trunks will be more appropriate for you. When you have a lean physique, wearing baggier underwear can make you look bony. Trunks are less tight and fitting than briefs, and they are also longer. Try avoiding boxers as they have a baggy fit, which does not complement lean legs.
  • If you are a bit short, you want something that does not seem to cover most of your body, as it will only make you look shorter. A pair of briefs are your best option. They don’t have too much material. The best part about them is that they have a nice and snug fit, which feels very comfortable.
  • If you are a tall man, go for boxer briefs. This underwear type covers more parts of your legs. Also, refrain from wearing underwear that has less fabric and covers less area of your legs.

Choosing a suitable size and style of underwear is the most important part of their selection process. Many men are not familiar with how to choose the right kind of undergarment for their body type. Hopefully, this article gave you insights into finding one that best that complements your body and gives you the maximum support and comfort.

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