A Quick Guide to Burton Snowboards


Burton snowboards have taken over the market when it comes to snowboards and snowboarding equipment. They are sold internationally and are known as trusted boarding experts. Several people have acknowledged Jake Burton’s influence, the company’s founder, on the sport itself.

Brief History

Jake Burton Carpenter experimented with several new features and designs in his original boards, which soon led to the spottiness, top-quality, and durable Burton boards that most people are familiar with. 

Burton produced one of the best snowboards ever made due to his endless imagination and experimentation with innovative shapes, sizes, and even materials. Burton leads the industry in quality and technology and now holds more than 30% of the snowboard-related equipment market share. Snowboarding has since expanded to almost 50% of the entire snow sports industry. It has even spurred across Asia.

Now, Burton has expanded his business into multiple countries in almost every continent on earth. In just over 30 years, he now has thousands of shops across the globe. Burton’s success made the brand known as one of the most trusted and highly respected snowboard brands worldwide. 

Choosing the Right Board for you

Burton has a lot of snowboards that cater to different people and skill-set. There are snowboards for beginners and experts. When choosing the board that’s right for you, always consider the overall shape of the snowboard and its bend profile. Those two factors help give each board its unique personality and determine which type of terrain the board performs best. 

One of the best Burton boards is the Hideaway, which is a soft-flexing board. The Hideaway has a slightly directional shape which is suitable for beginners to do sharp turns easily. Its flat top bend profile helps keep the contact point off of the snow, giving beginners a smooth and catch-free ride. The Hideaway is a board that’s perfect for beginners in their snowboarding experience. 

Choosing the Binding and Boots

Binding selection is vital in snowboarding. It’s mostly about adjustability and flex. Choosing a binding that fits perfectly with your snowboard’s flex is essential. It’s important to remember that there are several ways that you can easily adjust your binding to suit your own needs—whether it’s the hi-back rotation, angles, and even adjustable straps.

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