Add Watermark to PDF Online Using PDFBear


One of the most effective ways to protect our PDF files containing confidential, sensitive, and proprietary information is to use watermarking. On the most basic level, a watermark can be used to categorize your documents. There are numerous other PDF security options available on the internet. However, adding watermarks to PDF files is the most common way to keep confidential information secure.

This implies that people could still look at your work prior to actually acquiring it without fear of stealing it. A watermark is a logo, text, or pattern that is purposefully overlaid on another image. Its objective is to make it more difficult to copy or use the original image without the owner’s permission.

Add Watermark to PDF Tool of PDFBear

Add watermark to PDF online using PDFBear to protect your proprietary data. You must use PDFBear to generate watermarks for PDF documents. It’s an online PDF tool that enables you to modify PDFs in numerous ways. You can change the font and transparency of your watermark as needed. With PDF watermark tools, you can also enjoy the greatest degree of flexibility. They offer a wide variety of font settings, ranging from color to size to style and font.

Without the need to pay because PDFBear provides it for free. Most artists, creators, or writers are stimulated for a variety of reasons. However, attempting to copy someone else’s copyrighted work is at the top of the list. As a result, PDFBear enables individuals to make use of their exceptional abilities. Add a watermark to the PDF tool to help creators protect their work easily and comfortably.

Adding Watermark to PDF Method

Here’s how to put a watermark on your PDF file. First, use a device with an internet connection to access the PDFBear website. Press “Add Watermark” from the selection of available services. To begin the process, drag the PDF files to the web page or click the “Select file” button to transfer and upload your documents.

The said site will keep and encrypt SSL, and all uploaded files will be saved in a secure location. They will guard and protect each client’s confidentiality from any threats and unwanted circumstances. Users are capable of modifying or configuring the watermarks in PDF files. They can select an image or type text to function as the watermark. This tool offers a wide range of fonts based on size, theme, and style. After selecting their desired file in their watermarks, they can now select the position in which they want to be located. On each page of the watermark, the logo can be seen. They can choose how to customize the typography and transparency of the file or document. The ability to support various types of platforms is paramount in this PDF tool.

Users can now apply or customize the file changes and save them on a device after they have finished modifying the watermark. They can also use Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to keep these platforms up to date. When they are finished, the system will automatically delete all of their inputs for the sake of their users’ security. If users are satisfied with the outcome and how the watermark appears on their PDF files, they can now implement various changes and download the file with a watermark. Users can easily and quickly download files in a matter of seconds. They can now send or share their files with anyone once the download is complete.

Other Features of PDFBear

PDFBear is regarded as one of the most effective converter tools available on the internet. Users can convert PDF files to Word, HTML, PPT, JPG, PNG, PDFA, and Excel, as well as vice versa. Individuals can always reverse the order of files. Only PDFBear has this incredible feature. PDFBear also has amazing tools for compressing, splitting, merging, repairing corrupted files, deleting a page in a document, rotating PDF, unlocking and locking documents, and much more. The majority of these features and tools use the same conversion technique, and there are only a few steps to take.

One fantastic feature of this converter tool is the ease with which you can connect and share your work with friends, colleagues, or family. If you prefer to share it via a link, copy and paste the shareable link into the platform of your choice. PDFBear uses an advanced SSL connection, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. With this, PDFBear protects users from malware, hackers, online thefts, viruses, and other malicious intent.


Watermarking a user’s PDFs has a privacy protection policy that keeps all files from viruses and hackers. They can see numerous physical watermarks on institute and government records. When they want to produce the PDF file, it will be categorized as high information automatically. Users can now add a watermark as long as they operate in a non-digital environment.

There are numerous reasons why users should include watermarks in their PDF documents. Watermarking PDF files is a hassle-free tool because of PDFBear’s tool, which has updated technology and a method that makes all transactions smoother and more efficient. Users can complete their tasks by following simple steps and processes.

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