Choosing the Perfect Lingerie – Sizing, Shapes, and Styles


Everyone is looking for something sexy and comfortable to slip into, but lingerie shopping can be daunting. There are strappy contraptions that can seem scary, but with the perfect guide, one can navigate through all the options in the market. Sexy underwear can range from lacy and racy to exposing more than it covers.

Choosing the Perfect Lingerie – Sizing, Shapes, and Styles

Everyone prefers a different style depending on their shape, but it will be impossible to decide without knowing all the options in the market. Online shopping can be daunting, but with more options available and the right guide, lingerie shopping can be the best experience. 


With the boom in the online clothing business, a measuring tape has become a shopping prerequisite for online shopping. There are four main measurements to take before you shop for sexy underwear. 

-Bust: This is the fullest part of the breasts. Pull the tape across both breasts to measure. Stay cautious about pulling too hard or letting the measuring tape slide down the back. 

-Waist: The waist is the smallest part of your abdomen. Ensure that the tape is pulled snugly but not tight. 

-Hip: Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your abdomen.

– Torso: Place one end of the tape at your shoulder and bring it back up to your shoulder by looping it through the legs at the pelvic region.

Size charts usually use these measurements to help one understand their sizing. 


Sexy lingerie comes in different styles. Before considering which one suits you best, explore your options. 

-Bodysuits: A bodysuit is a one-piece. One can layer it under outfits or wear it as it is. It is body-hugging and expands across the torso. Its material ranges from lace to melange, fit for a range of events.

-Bralettes: Bras that do not have underwires. They are usually made from lace and look better on small-busted individuals.

-Corsets: These age-look contraptions can look scary. They contain wires and cinch the waist, enhancing the bust. Corsets give you an enviable figure despite the myths.

-Bustiers: This form-fitting strappy top extends to the belly, and one can also wear it as an outer garment. It draws all attention to the bust.

-Chemise: A thin and breathable short dress that one can wear with matching thongs.

-Robes: A robe barely falls under lingerie but is a sexy garment nonetheless. It can be short or long, and brands often use luxurious material such as silk to make them. Other robes are sheer and chiffon. 

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Body Shapes

It is crucial to choose a style that best accentuates your body shape. 

Lingerie tends to be very form-fitting, and in this case, no one size fits all. 

One must shop for lingerie according to their body shape. For smaller builds, a bralette or an underwire demi-cup would be flattering. Padded bras can add a little fullness as well. If one is blessed with natural curves, cinching lingerie such as bodysuits flatters the hourglass shape. 

Bustiers and chemises help in drawing attention to a fuller bust. They also support heavy breasts and draw attention away from areas that make many feel insecure. 

Athletic women usually opt for sports bras, but occasionally, a pretty lace bralette can make one feel flirty and feminine. Bralettes suit every shape and size, and by hugging the body, most lingerie can be flattering.

There is no rigid shape guide since most of it depends on how one likes to feel and look. For the perfect understanding of what would look better, one should experiment. 

Shopping for lingerie is one of the best experiences, and it gets even better once the product reaches you. What one wears underneath can give them a confidence boost, and who doesn’t want that? Happy Shopping!

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