Does Collagen Supplement Prove to be Beneficial? 

Does Collagen Supplement Prove to be Beneficial? 

Have you felt that your body elasticity has reduced, and you can notice multiple signs of ageing? According to science, your body is made of water, bones, muscles, proteins and minerals. After a certain age, your body starts to deteriorate and shows various signs that your body lacks something and needs its substitute.  

Does Collagen Supplement Prove to be Beneficial

Collagen is a building block of your body, and it is an essential nutrient that you need. However, its taste is peculiar, and therefore people avoid adding it to their diet. But luckily, there are products like marine collagen powder in cranberry flavour, blueberry, banana, tropical fruits and several other flavours that make it easier for you to take collagen orally. Collagen is the main form of protein in the body responsible for connective tissue and the formation of molecules. 

You can commonly find three different types of collagen in the market. They are marine, plant-based and bovine collagen. The main difference in each of these is the source from which the collagen gets extracted. 

Your body indeed has 16 types of collagen that are responsible for their roles. But out of these sixteen different types, the first four have the most significant role to play. Most people depend on collagen supplements to support type I, II, III and IV collagen in the body. But they often feel confused about which collagen supplement should be used. Below is a breakdown of how marine, plant-based and bovine collagen differ from each other. 

What is Marine Collagen?

Marine collagen is Type I collagen that gets extracted from fish scales and skin. It is responsible for improving skin elasticity and gut health that results in overall health improvement. The best thing about marine collagen is that it is available in abundance and has a better absorption rate. Therefore, in comparison to other types of collagen, you will observe better and quick results because of its absorption rate. 

When you ask people why they take collagen, you’ll learn that the primary purpose behind it is to improve skin elasticity, get glowing and beautiful skin, strong bones and better hair. Marine collagen is responsible for regenerating new tissues in the body, thus resulting in the results you want to gain. 

What is Bovine Collagen?

Bovine collagen is extracted from cowhides and is a combination of Type I and III collagen. It helps in the healing process for your body. Bovine collagen is used for medical purposes to heal injuries. It does cost a little lower than what other collagen supplements do, but in the end, it is your call to decide which supplement is best for you. 

If your goal is to achieve better skin, hair, nails, body elasticity and maintain general well being, you can depend on marine collagen. You can discover several recipes online that can make your process of collagen consumption easy. Other than that, if you desire to drink collagen with water, you get options of marine collagen powder in cranberry flavour, peach, chocolate and different varieties that you can enjoy the way you like. Before buying any supplement, keep in mind that you thoroughly read the instructions for taking a recommended dose. Also, you can take a quick view of the product reviews to get 100% satisfaction with the product quality and results. 

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