Features of a screen recorder app

Features of a screen recorder app

A screen recorder is an app that lets you record your computer screen. It is a collaborative tool that can be used for several purposes through a single application. This article aims to guide you on how to record screencasts using the best screen recorder app, and this is not just about an app but its intuitive features.

Ease of creation

Installing a screen recorder app is the first step in creating your video tutorials. Once you install it on your computer, you can begin recording by clicking on the app’s icon and selecting which of your open programs should be recorded. The recordings are stored in different file formats in a location of your choosing.

The next step is starting and stopping the recording (we recommend using keyboard shortcuts). Most apps have their specific hotkeys for this purpose, but if yours doesn’t, use “Ctrl+Alt+R” to start and stop recording. You may find that some programs don’t allow you to record audio while they’re running. If so, just click inside one of them before starting the recording process.

The third thing you’ll want to do with any screencast is edited it into something presentable. Screen Recording apps will let you trim down those long clips if necessary. This can be done by clicking on “Trim” when viewing the video file itself within its folder after saving it from within each application’s interface (usually located under File > Export). Alternatively, many editors will allow users to trim clips directly within their platform’s software. However, this method can sometimes result in quality loss due to re-encoding issues.

Recording screencasts

Screen casting is a brilliant method of sharing information with your audience. It’s easy to record and share, and you can use it for teaching, training, tutorials or even entertainment purposes. The best screen recorder app will have the option to set the recording area. You can choose a particular area in which you want to record or capture your screen activity. The apps also give you the option of adding effects, annotations and much more.

Preview and edit the recorded videos

You can preview and edit the recorded videos before saving them. It’s simple to add annotations to the video using your fingers or a stylus pen. You can easily trim the unwanted parts of the video if you like. You can add a watermark on the video so that other people will know who made it and where they should go for more information about it. You can add music to enhance its visual appeal. Sharing your work with friends as well as online communities such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram is seamless through these platforms.

A great way of communication

Screen recordings help a great deal in communicating with other people. They can be used as an educational tool or just as explainer videos to show how something works. For example, if you’re showing your friend how to use their new smartphone and how it will help them with their daily life, then a screen recorder app is an ideal way for you both to see what’s on the phone without having to look at it together. Screencasts can be especially helpful if one person doesn’t have access to or is not interested in buying a product themselves.


The above mentioned features help users create high-quality videos that look professional enough for their needs. In the evolving creator economy and a disruptive world of decentralisation, these tools help impart autonomy to the work of freelancers and improve their chances of success. The dependence on experts is minimised for small businesses and the reach and engagement increase manifold.

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