How Do You Find the Perfect Watch for You?

Perfect Watch

Fashion is one of the most important aspects of a person’s personality. People always look at a person’s appearance no matter the circumstance. Fashion can be anything, from shoes to hairstyles, from the colour of the shirt to the rolling of sleeves. And aside from the material aspects, fashion is seen as a way to express a person’s attitude. One such accessory is fashion watches.

This article aims to present the variety of qualities one could look for while buying a watch, to sort out through the best. Watches suited for everyone and their distinct style, from the prominent brands like W Zelezniak Watches offer can be found in this article.

What to Look For in a Watch


A watch must be made of high-quality material. It does not only add to the look of the watch but also the durability and style. Metal watches are made of stainless steel, but a PVD coating is required if it comes in any other colour. This coating helps the watches retain their colour. Leather gives a traditional touch to the look, and even if it is not that durable, it is lightweight to wear. Plastic bands are the most durable, if not too tough in looks.

● Water Resistance

Water Resistance in a watch is as important as its material since it is a necessary protection against water in daily use. Most watches come with a 30 metres water resistance that is perfectly suited for daily use. It holds back against splashes, or some may even protect it while bathing. But it is not suited for swimming or pool activities, which require at least 60 metres of water resistance.

● Type of Watches

There can be entire articles written for just covering the different types of watches as per their roles, but this article will cover the popular types that are seen as fit for all functions. The main types of watches are:

Analogue: Analogue watches are the traditional style of watches that use almost the mechanism of a clock. It is just a miniature version of the classic clock with three hands and 112-hour marks. The three hands are used to represent the hours, minutes, and seconds in the day. Some watches have the feature to show dates and months too. These either come with leather or steel/metal bands and are often seen fit for formal occasions. Over the years, these watches have evolved into various subtypes, according to different fields and circumstances. There are even luxury watches from brands like W Zelezniak Watches.

Digital Watches: Digital watches are exactly as the name suggests. These have a digital display installed that shows the time till the exact second. These watches are quartz-based as opposed to the mechanical engineering of analogue watches. Meanwhile, digital watches may require a battery change every couple of years. They offer different modes of time panels for stopwatch and setting the time correctly. They also include alarms that most analogue watches lack.

Smart Watches: Although it hasn’t been around for several decades like the other two, these watches offer more than the others ever could. These are built with the latest technology with extraordinary features like applications, GPS, Bluetooth and wi-fi features to connect with smartphones and other gadgets.

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