How to Get a Loan on a Two-Wheeler With Bad Credit?


Having a two-wheeler provides a lot of comforts to travel from one place to another, particularly in busy cities where traveling by public transport could prove to be a nightmare. Thus, a two-wheeler has become a crucial object for helpful transport. However, for many people, purchasing a motorcycle by spending the total amount would not be feasible due to numerous economic commitments. Taking a bad credit bike finance loan is the only choice in such a case. Nonetheless, banks do not give money to every individual who wants a loan. There are tons of eligibility norms that authorize loan approval.

What are the Ways to Get a Bike Loan With a Bad Credit? 

If you retain a bad credit score and need a loan, you will have to jeopardize a few pointers mentioned below.

If you have a bad credit score, you have to spend more on a down payment, which is a fixed amount you have to spend on any bike loan. Banks finance 80% of the vehicle through a loan; the rest is spent upfront. The down payment curtails interest rates and lessens the loan duration. This is a good option as the loan amount will be reimbursed less.

Negotiate acceptable lending terms: Several instances may have resulted in you defaulting on your prior loan and can, however, have a consequence on your credit score. Therefore, negotiate adequate lending terms with your bank even if the interest is a bit higher.

Correlate multiple lenders: It is reasonable to keep multiple options open for choosing and comparing lenders. You will receive a two-wheeler loan with a reasonable interest rate, conditions, and terms by doing sufficient research. A new technique of assessing creditworthiness has stimulated this. Banks and credit organisations look for additional criteria such as jobs and a steady revenue state.

Co-signer: A co-signer is someone who is equally held accountable for your bike loan as a guarantor. If you retain a bad credit score, bringing a co-signer with a good credit score could be a reasonable option to buy a two-wheeler loan. The co-signer’s creditworthiness will be considered for the loan authorization.

Benefits of a Two-Wheeler Loan

Instant loan: All automotive homes have got explicit deals with banks for loan distribution. So you can do this whole process online within one day and get home a new bike by and of the day.

Repayment tenure: The repayment term of a bike loan is generally between twelve and forty-eight months. You also can choose the flexibility of terms for online payment and EMI. This assures a lesser monetary burden and furnishes an adequate period to compensate for the bike loan.

Flexible duration: As mentioned above, you can select a flexible duration in two-wheeler loans for up to four years for easier reimbursement.

No charges: Most banks don’t have any extra or additional charges for the loan amount. This again enables ease of the monetary burden.

Some financial organisations deem credit score as the primary norm for lending a two-wheeler loan. Bad credit bike finance could be an outcome of defaults that you had performed years back, which affect your credit score today. On the other hand, your monetary situation might have enhanced, and you could have smooth employment despite a bad credit score. 

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