Office Desk: Types and Forms


When choosing an office desk most suited for your work style and environment, many considerations come into play. There are a variety of styles and features to consider when shopping for office desks, and the following advice will help you make an informed decision.

Form of an Office Desk

Desk Design with L-Shape

There is much room for equipment and multitasking on an L-shape workstation. When seated at an L-shaped desk, your viewpoint changes because of the “bridge” or “return” that connects the two ends; this form works well in tight and big spaces. The “right return” or the “left return” should be chosen according to your comfort level.

Desk Layout with an Open Front

With an open desk layout, you may place your workspace wherever in the room, whether against a wall or in the middle. In contrast to L- and U-shaped workstations, open desk ideas often consist of a single main deck and no surrounding furnishings. In addition to computer desks, executive desks, credenzas, secretary desks, laptop stands, and conference tables, other types of open workstations come in various sizes. 

Materials for the Desk in the Office


Wooden desks for the office come in various colours and finishes and have an appealing, natural appearance. Wooden decks are more costly and more susceptible to wear and tear from frequent usage.


Desks made of metal provide a sturdy foundation for extensive use in high-traffic regions for an extended period. Desks made of metal have a sleek look.


A plastic finish’s low cost and long-term usefulness cannot be overstated. Plastic office frames are available in several colours to suit any style, even though they don’t have the same visual value as wood or metal office desks. Choose thick, high-pressure laminate or high-quality plastic for your office desk if you want them to last.

Types of Office Desks

Your workplace’s design and purpose will influence the office desk you choose. An office desk comes in a wide variety of styles, each with its advantages.

A desk for your computer

A computer office desk’s purpose is to increase an office’s productivity by providing space and workspace for computers, other gear, and file storage. A computer desk is the most common type of office desk and may be found in a wide range of designs, colours, and sizes.

Desk for the CEO

A professional image is conveyed by executive desks ideal for high management. An executive desk is the best option for you if you have a lot of supplies and equipment.

Desks for Conferences

A conference desk is necessary to organise meetings and collect a group of people for a conference. Conference tables, like executive desks, are big and have a regal aspect. It is unusual for conference tables to be utilised daily.

A desk for the secretary

As the name suggests, secretary desks exist in two height variations: low and high. They are also referred to as writing, bureau, or secretary desks. Traditionally, secretary desks have been positioned in rooms’ corners due to their lower height (but they can be placed just about anywhere). Overhead storage and pull-out work surfaces are standard features on most desks.

Desk with Credenza

A credenza desk is generally used as a supplementary work surface, partnered with a primary or L-shape desk. Stacks of shelves, drawers or other storage areas make them ideal for use as a bedside table.

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