Everyone has some form of a dream house in mind. Whether built facing the ocean or in the middle of a bustling suburban street, these dreams are expensive. From construction to decor to furnishings, there are so many options, and without proper guidance, to-be homeowners may find themselves spending a lot of money on the wrong products. 

You can furnish a house on a budget but still end up with a theme and decor that suits your vision. From stainless steel sinks to must-have room accessories, read on to know more. 

Living rooms/ lounges

A living room is probably the part of a house that has the biggest impact on any guests/ newcomers. The space available here is the perfect canvas for residents to personalise this space to reflect their personalities. Whether with a thick, intricately woven carpet, or just a shaggy rug, every detail in the living room matters to its overall ambience. 

Some budget-friendly options to invest in here include:

  • photo frames/ pictures to hang on the walls – it instantly gives a personality to space and makes it seem more inviting 
  • A statement rug can elevate any living space and is one of the best ways to express your tastes – you can find so many rugs at affordable prices, but it is important to pair them with the right furniture 
  • Plants make an enclosed space seem larger and more welcoming, providing a refreshing feel as well – you can choose from small plants in quirky pots, blossoming flowers in an elegant vase or large indoor plants that dominate a corner of the room – this splash of green never fails to make a space look good.

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Bedrooms are probably the most personal spaces in a house. There are so many ways to make bedrooms feel cosy and mould their appearance into fitting your tastes. 

Rugs, pillows and throws are common additions to bedrooms, either to provide a splash of colour or to make them cosy and inviting. While these could also apply to living rooms for a more boho feel, they belong more to the bedroom because of the extreme comfort a bedroom promises. 

Plants can also be kept here but maybe smaller or more inconspicuous ones so that they don’t take up a lot of space and make the room seem smaller than it is. 

The correct lighting is also so important – this could apply to the rest of the house too. However, since people tend to spend most of their days in a bedroom, either working, watching TV, relaxing etc., the lighting here needs to be warm and soothing, yet practical enough to do productive work. 


Kitchen decor is probably the most challenging out of all the other rooms in a house. This could be due to the many installations required here, including a stovetop, cabinets and storage spaces, sinks, and other kitchen appliances. It is also quite a task to match the kitchen with the rest of the house to look like a cohesive unit. 

To be budget-friendly here, one of the main things to invest in would probably be stainless steel sinks because of how practical they are, and if paired with the right decor for the rest of the kitchen, it could provide a very rustic yet familiar aesthetic. 

Similarly, wooden cupboards and islands would add to the cottage feel, along with the steel sinks, and are significantly less expensive than fancy marble countertops. 

It is vital to remember that less is more, and this approach will guarantee to spend less money but still ending up with a beautiful and homely living environment.

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Alison Lurie  is a farmer of words in the field of creativity. She is an experienced independent content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the writing and editing industry. She is a multi-niche content chef who loves cooking new things.

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