Things To Consider When Hiring Furniture Removalists

Things To Consider When Hiring Furniture Removalists

Moving from one house or office to another can be stressful. You are already worried about a hundred different things when you realise that your furniture is too heavy for you to pack and carry. 

This is why you need to hire furniture removals in Melbourne. They are professional removalists with the skills and the equipment to make your move as smooth as possible. Moreover, they ensure that your furniture is secure and arrives undamaged. 

You will also get several options when you google for ‘removalists near me’. How then do you decide which one is the best for you? Read ahead to find out!

How To Find the Best Furniture Removals in Melbourne?

It is always better to be prepared with your hires a few days before the move. This helps you avoid any last-minute chaos. It also gives you enough time to find people you trust with your furniture. 

Here is a list of things you need to bear in mind while hiring removalists:

1.Primary Research

It is unwise to hire the first company that shows up in your google search without any research. The easiest way to check whether the removalists offer good service is to check customer reviews from around Melbourne. Compare various companies and service providers.

If there are majorly positive testimonials and reviews for the company, you will know they are suitable for the job. Although, beware of fake reviews that are often repetitive and can be easily spotted. Once you are sure of the quality of service, contact them.

2.  Logistics

If the company has a website, browse it to see if all the necessary information is on it. If not, you need to call them and iron out the logistics. Here is a list of things you need to ask or inform them about:

  • Will they be available on the date and time of the move
  • Amount of furniture and boxes to be moved
  • Do they provide secure packaging services
  • Special packaging for heavy, fragile items like piano or pool table
  • If they provide a moving van
  • Distance of destination from Melbourne
  • Do they reassemble dismantled furniture 

If your move is time sensitive, you should also inquire about the approximate time they take to pack up your property. This total time will also depend on your level of preparedness and the accessibility of your home. 

Tip: To ensure that the packers make quick work of it, empty your furniture beforehand. You can also ensure that there is enough parking space for their vans and that the elevator is available for their use. 

3.  Pricing

Once they have all the details, ask for a quote. They might have separate charges for removing, packing, and moving, so make sure the services you need fit your budget.

In Australia, 104,100 people moved interstate in the first three months of 2021. Due to these large numbers, removalists might charge extra if you move to another state. Make sure that there are no hidden costs to moving outside Victoria before finalising your hire. 

Also, remember to contact multiple removalists to compare their prices.

4.  Insurance

It is easy to overlook insurance in the final moments of the move. It is crucial because it ensures the safety of your belongings. However, it is vital. If your existing insurance policy does not cover moving damage, you can ask your removalists for insurance. 

They offer various terms, so make sure that you read the documentation carefully. Moreover, their insurance must cover every cost of damaged or missing goods while storing or in transit to your new location. 

To Sum Up

Hiring furniture removals Melbourne is an effective way to sit back and relax during your move. You no longer have to undertake back-breaking work to dismantle and pack your furniture. Furthermore, with insurance protecting your furniture, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive safe and sound. 

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