Wall Hung Vanities: Why Are They Perfect for Your Bathroom?

Why Are They Perfect for Your Bathroom
Why Are They Perfect for Your Bathroom

Have you ever noticed that your bathroom vanity takes up a lot of space? Or perhaps, while you are cleaning, you may notice that your mop cannot thoroughly scrub your vanity squeaky clean. And maybe while washing your hands, you may realise that you tend to hunch or tiptoe because you cannot reach it. If so, you are missing a wall-hung vanity in your life.

Wall Hung Vanities: Why Are They Perfect for Your Bathroom?

So, if you buy wall-hung vanities from Bathroom Factory Warehouse or any other store, you should know that they are attached directly to the wall instead of being extended on the floor. These vanities vary in size, and they have a number of compartments that offer a modern finish. And because of these features, they are sure to be perfect for your bathroom.

Creates an Illusion That Your Bathroom Is Spacious

It is not unusual to have a narrow bathroom, but your usual vanity could be the reason why your bathroom feels crowded. In the meantime, a wall-hung vanity could change that because these vanities vary in designs, styles, and finishes, so you can choose the one that would fit your bathroom best while making your bathroom look spacious.

And when there is more space in your bathroom, you have additional space for other valuables you wish to store since the cabinets will have different compartments depending on how you want them. So, if you are aiming for a particular look for your bathroom, you can try installing floor-mounted vanities, as it can help make your bathroom look modern and sleek. Meanwhile, some designs can only be made possible by using floor-mounted vanities.

Suits Your Height

If you are to buy Wall-hung vanities from Bathroom Factory Warehouse or from any reputable vendor, you’ll see that they have various designs that can cater to different customers’ needs. And with this type of vanity in your bathroom, you no longer have to worry about hunching over the sink or tipping on your toes or using a step tool, as these can be uncomfortable in the long run. Moreover, wall-hung vanities offer the comfort of only having to stand in front of it. And since the vanity is already attached to the wall, it is sure to fit your height.

Makes It Easier to Clean

Cleaning your bathroom after it gets flooded because you forgot to turn off your faucet or when you get your floor wet after a shower can be a chore. And the job will be made extra difficult if your vanity extends to the floor, as it would become a dirt magnet. Also, reaching those crevices will not be very easy.

But with floor-mounted vanities, all you need is a mop or a broom to sweep under the vanity. A quick sweep can easily clean every muck and grime that are stuck under it. And your floor would be the only thing you have to think about, as you do not even have to think of your vanity getting dirty because it is mounted, which can give you peace of mind and a fresh feel.

Wall-hung vanities are the new trend because they offer good design, ample space, and enough storage that not only make the bathroom look good but also make the person using it feel good. Meanwhile, the perks of these floor-mounted vanities are endless, giving you a variety of reasons why they are worth considering.

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