5 Ways to Maintain Your Luxury Wristwatches


Wristwatches are very sentimental because they often have personal memories attached to them. And with proper care, you can pass on your watch to future generations. Because the watch is built to last, it is not difficult to care for it properly and keep it in good condition.

Dust, dirt, moisture, and shock, as well as extreme temperatures and UV rays, are your watch’s enemy. For over a century, watchmakers have been developing and using technological solutions to ensure watches last as long as possible, but here are the parts you have to play.

1. Clean Your Wristwatch Constantly 

Your wristwatch should be cleaned regularly. If your watch is not waterproof, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. If it is waterproof, you can remove dirt and grime by wiping it with a soft cloth and water. Pay attention to the type of watch band as well. Different watch brands like the Franck Muller have both leather and stainless steel wristwatch bands. 

Appearance is just as important as flawless function. From the very beginning, watches were considered not only watches but also adornments. To keep your watch in the best possible condition, you need to take care of its appearance. The bracelet can be strained due to the constant friction of the skin. If you open and close them regularly, they will wear out quickly. To prevent this from happening, you have to take care of the bracelet too.

Also, pay particular attention to the crown and molding to keep the watch accurate. There is no specific time frame in which the watch should be cleaned. It all depends on the brand, quality, or age of the watch. However, it is common knowledge that a watch needs to be cleaned once in a while. Suppose your watch is waterproof and you frequently shower or do water sports. It is recommended that you check the water-resistance of your watch annually to avoid water damage. Your watch runs smoothly and efficiently and can last a lifetime if you follow these simple steps.

2. Take Care of Your Watches Parts

Wristwatches are expensive pieces of jewelry, and they are also very delicate pieces of machinery that can be easily damaged or broken if not taken care of properly. The internal parts are very fragile, so they should be treated as such. 

The first and perhaps the most essential step is wearing your watch from time to time, mainly mechanical and automatic watches. The automatic function continues to work and develops its power due to the user’s movements. The movement of the hands drives the rotor of the movement, which compresses the springs and helps the watch turn.

Most modern watches have an average power reserve of 38-40 hours. However, when the power reserve runs out, the watch stops and must be checked manually. A big trend today is the replacement of original bracelets with bracelets from other brands. However, doing this can lead to replacing spare parts such as buttons with spare parts. The possibility of damage caused by problems such as improper assembly of luxury watches is not always considered. Protect your watch parts and avoid replacements if possible.

When a watch is used every day, it needs to be in top working order, and the inner mechanisms of the watch need to be well oiled and serviced to ensure its proper working condition.

Taking care of a wristwatch will ensure that it works correctly for the most extended amount of time possible. It will also make it easier for the owner to tell the exact date and time it is working. Most watches need to be maintained daily. For people who work hard all seven weeks of every week, this can be nearly impossible, and this is where taking care of your wristwatch comes in. Watch wear and tear is inevitable, and the importance of learning how to maintain the timepiece properly means that the owner will be able to enjoy it for as long as possible.

3. Handle Your Wristwatch Properly

The first step is never to drop it, where you keep your watch after the day’s job should be secure. Keep them away from kids if you have any. Keep all the relevant accessories that came with the watch box. Storing your wristwatches will help preserve their value. When you are traveling with it, make sure that you keep it inside the pouch instead of keeping it in your pocket.

If your watch isn’t water-resistant,  you will also want to keep it in a safe place when you are swimming, so make sure that it stays out of the water as long as possible. After cleaning, you can just store it away in a safe and secure place. If you take proper care of your watch, you will tell time accurately for many years to come.


Regular maintenance of your luxury watch recommended every three to five years fixes many problems and preserves their value. For example, damage to the dial and hands can be caused by leakage or other typical damage. Even if the watch is not worn, Watches are expensive and internal problems can be easily avoided if you regularly service and take care of your watch.

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