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What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The privacy policy of getdailyinfo.com is designed to help you understand how we collect and use your personal data and to help you decide when using our site and our products and services in an informed way.

1) Website Use Information

Like many business sites, the website uses standard technology called cookies and Web server logs to gather information about how this site is used  (see “What are cookies? ‘) What are cookies? Datapoint and time of visits, the pages visited, time spent on this site, and the sites visited right before and immediately following our website, may contain information collected through cookies and web server logs. We can also use our advertisers and adserving companies to identify what publicity and advertising customers have seen and how users responded to it using small technology or code.

2) What Information Do We Collect?

You can provide us two kinds of information when you visit our website: your personal information that you knowingly collect, something that you collect independently, and the information that you and others collect on a mixed basis when you and others surf the website.

3) Website Use Information

Related to other advertisement websites, it uses standard technology established as “cookies” and Web application logs for information about the use of this site (see “What Are Cookies?”). This site is used for the collection of information. The information collected through cookies and database server logs can include the location and time of visits, the websites viewed, the time spent on the homepage and the websites that were visited before and shortly following our website. We can use our publishers and ad serving businesses to establish which advertising or promotional products users have seen and responded positively to them using small technology or file bits.

4) What About Other Websites Linked to This Site?

We are also not responsible for the practical terms or the information or content found throughout the websites linked to or from our site. Links to other sites are always provided specifically for the purpose of informing users of subjects that can be helpful for our site. Please keep in mind that our privacy policy is no longer applicable when you use a link from our site to another website. Your browsing and communication on with other websites, including those with links to our website, is guided by the rules and policy of that website. Before continuing, please read these rules and regulations.

5) How Do We Use the Information That You Provide to Us?

We generally use personal information to administer and expand our business activities, provide customer service and provide our clients and prospective customers with other services and products. Sometimes we can use the same data we collect to inform you of important corrections to this homepage, new technologies and special offers that we think are meaningful. By clicking the unsubscribe link for each e-mail, you can inform us that you actually hoped not to receive these offers.

6) What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a very small document that often contains an unverified unique identity If you visit a site, the desktop of another site will ask your computer to approve the store of this database on a particular part of your hard disk for cookies. If your browser’s desires allow you to submit its own cookie on your browser, each website may, however, only allow your browsers to access the cookies sent to you by a website, not cookie which other sites sent to you. Some of our commercial partners (for example advertisers) use cookies from their websites. These cookies don’t have admin rights or control.

7) How Do We Use Information We Collect from Cookies?

The site uses its cookies to differentiate you from certain readers when you use this blog. In certain situations, we also use cookies to avoid unnecessary ads or to involve that you create an account in more than is required in order to safeguard the free advertising. Cookies together with the data files of our browser enable us to estimate the total number of visitors to the site and which part of the site is most successful. This allows us to collect feedback so that this site improves and serves our clients regularly. Cookies do not enable us to collect your private data, and in terms of views we do not share private details you provided in your cookies. We do not collect your data.

8) Sharing Information with Third Parties

We shall not excuse or sell documentation for technical purposes by other organizations, to improve the content and quantity of our business in this blog. However, your information may be shared in the following circumstances:

we will facilitate the submission of e-mails and payments by third parties.These third parties may have access to your personal information which is to be used in relation to such business activities and offers. In the course of our product development, we can buy or sell investments or business offers.

In such operations, one of the transmitted trade securities is usually the service provider, the e-mail provider including the guest information.

We use third parties to facilitate the sending of emails and payments, including but not limited to. These third parties may have access to your personal information for use in connection with those business activities in relation to these offers and business transactions.

We can buy or sell assets or business offers while developing our business. In general, information on customers, e-mails and visitors is one of the transferred business assets in such transactions.
In the course of company divestitures, mergers and any dissolution, we may also transfer such information.
If it is necessary for the purpose of the investigation, prevention or action on illegal activities, suspect fraud, situations with potential physical safety threats of any person, infringements of our Terms of Service and/or, as otherwise required by law, to share information.

9) Your Consent

You agree to collect and use your personal data as specified in this Privacy Policy by using this website. In changing our privacy policies and procedures, we will post the changes on this page in order to maintain you informed about what we collect information, how we use it, and under what circumstances.

10) Certain Disclosures

If necessary, and in order to comply with (a) law, or comply with the legal proceedings served on our own or affiliates; (b) protecting and defend our property rights, our site, the users of our site, and/or our affiliates; (c) acting under conditions that safeguard the security of users of our site; (c) protecting the safety of our site; Our site, our affiliates and/or users.