Do Musical Instruments Make Good Holiday Presents?


By the time holidays roll around, most of the world is in a frenzy to find the right gifts for their loved ones. In Auckland, you might be excited about the Farmers’ Santa Parade or the Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park and equally nervous about gifting people. Gift-giving becomes extra painful when you don’t know the receiver well or forget all about it until the last moment. The solution to all this might be a tad unconventional, but it will spark so much joy in the receiver. Here is what you need to do: head down to a music shop in Auckland and look around. 

You can either get your hands on a finely made musical instrument or ask for recommendations for music tutors. This holiday season, gift your loved ones some music! It is definitely better than a shirt that won’t fit or a scented candle to clutter the house. 

What Makes Musical Instruments a Good Choice?

Suffice it to say that everyone enjoys music. There is no one in the world who has never wished to recreate their favourite song on an instrument before. Apart from being great entertainment, there are other reasons musical instruments are good gifts. 

Keeps the Mood Peppy

The holiday season is a time when the seasonal blues hit. Studies have shown that mental health declines during the holidays, and you need to look for ways to uplift spirits. There is no better way to bring some seasonal joy into your home than with music. Be it a splendidly played piece of classical music or a laughable attempt at Lorde’s ‘Royals’ or Kimbra’s ‘Settle Down’, your musical instrument can greatly help. 

Bonding Time

If your family is growing and is inclined to enjoy music, you can initiate the newcomers with a musical instrument. A family full of musicians playing seasonal music can be a sight to behold. Better yet, if you are getting the instrument for a young one, teaching them to play can make way for a lot of bonding time in the near future. 


The best thing about gifting musical instruments is that you don’t have to ensure they are age-appropriate. A piano can work well for both a toddler and an aged person. There is no right time to start musical training, and if you feel like an instrument is not enough of a gift, you can sign them up for lessons too. Seriously, there is no way this gift won’t be a hit. 

For the Body and Mind

Music is food for the soul, no doubt. But if you want to exercise your body and brain at the same time, inculcating some musical skills should be on the list. If you have a growing child on your list of loved ones or a retired one, learning to play a musical organ gives them a chance to spend time fruitfully and work those grey cells as well. Numerous studies have linked skills in musical instruments to enhanced memory and other cognitive abilities. If you feel bad about doing last-minute gift shopping, this gift will make up for it. 

Final Thoughts

Playing a musical instrument is a commendable skill in a person. Gifting a musical instrument this holiday season opens opportunities for creating precious memories, lifelong relationships, and character-building. Even if it doesn’t have all the positive impact, it will surely be a nuisance to the annoying neighbours in Newmarket. So, go ahead and splurge on that grand piano you see at a music shop in Auckland when you are panicking about what gift to get someone. 

This season, the gift of music is in style. Happy Holidays! 

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