How to Check Twitch Chat Logs?: [Solved]

How do You Check Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch is a platform for millions of streamers for a live gaming stream or a video streaming of various entertaining services operated by Twitch interactives.

Reasons why you might want to check chat logs: 

  • Seeing the viewer’s reactions and comments on your streamed contents.
  • Looking at whether someone you suspended or banned has violated your rules.
  • Verifying whether someone has accidentally violated Twitch terms of service, which may have cost you a penalty.
  • To involve and engage more with the audience.

Checking your chat logs:

Earlier it was challenging to check twitch chat logs than today; nowadays, it has become easier to review Twitch chats records.


The recordings of your streams in their entirety are called as VODs. On Twitch, you can record and playback your VODs. The Affiliates only have their last two weeks videos available, and the new streamers have even less stream recorded videos available. As Twitch enables chat recordings during VODs, you can smoothly go back to your specific previous days to check comments made by your audience. Unfortunately, it is not always the right option to choose to check your Twitch chat logs if you want to go back further than two weeks.

User Search Command:-

The user command enables you to get all the details of a particular viewer who commented on your content. To use the user Search Command, type the following commands in your channel chat:

/user [username] 

This command gives information about the specific username, such as-

  • The number of messages the user has made on your channel.
  • The number of timeouts received by the user.
  • If any, the number of bans received by the user.
  • Mod comments left by your channel’s mods by your viewers.

Third-Party programs:-

You can use third-party programs and chatty; such programs are the ideal type if they want to set up chat logs for the long term. However, any of the comments removed by either of your mods or by you will not show up here. Using chatty is very easy

  • Download and Install chatty.
  • Through the IRC- client, you can join your channel or any other channel you desire.
  • Now, you are ready to download chat logs.
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