7 Most Commonly Used Tools in Tree Felling


While trees are beautiful features on any residential property, they could sometimes cost homeowners thousands of dollars to replace them if they don’t like them. Whether someone wants to remove a dead tree from their backyard or the tree was something they wished was never there, chopping down a tree can be quite troublesome and problematic.

Tree removal is a complex task that requires your unveiling attention. You can’t fix it by grabbing the first axe you see and wailing away until it eventually comes crashing down. It requires a thorough inspection of many aspects and a sound knowledge of what tools to use and when.

Hence, this article covers a list of the most commonly used tree-felling equipment, from chainsaw parts to a woodchipper, to help a beginner understand how to proceed.


The chainsaw is a heavy-duty cutting tool mainly used to cut large trees that resist the effects of traditional felling tools like an axe. One needs to be very cautious when using such a machine as it can pose significant risks if the person handling it is inexperienced, thanks to the complexity posed by the chainsaw parts. Also, it will only cut as effectively as you need if you use it correctly. 

Pole Saw

Pole saws are the lite versions of a chainsaw with a long stick at the end of the machine. These tools are often used to cut off a tree’s large and thick branches, which are high up and hard to reach. This miniaturised chainsaw can be used to cut smaller trees too. These tools come in both manual and power modes. Some of these tools are better suited to cutting down shrubs rather than trees, so care must be taken when buying such a tool. Before buying one, you must consider your needs and the features the machine promises.

Hand saw

Hand saws are tools used to fell saplings and smaller trees. Multiple hacksaws and hand saws are used to cut different plants, from saplings to the bigger two-person hand saw meant for bigger trees.


Axes are traditional tools used for a long time in tree felling. Although they work well to cut down all types of trees, they could take days to cut down massive ones and be quite a workout.


Wedges control the direction in which the tree has to fall. It also prevents the chainsaw parts, like the bar and the chain, from getting pinched. If the tree that needs to be cut down is large, you may have to use several wedges to make the tree fall in a direction you see fit.


Hatchets are smaller axes suited to cut down small trees and must be used with only one hand to swing the hatchet. One could find it challenging to cut down even a medium-sized tree with a hatchet and risk breaking it.

Wood Chipper

After knocking down a tree, you must get rid of it. You could try chopping it down into smaller wooden pieces or eliminating it using a wood chipper.

Final Remarks

While cutting down a tree could be quite a tedious task, the challenge and the process become much simpler if done right using the right tools. Nevertheless, caution must be taken when using tools with great complexities like chainsaw parts. This could be very useful when cutting down a tree and pose a grave risk to the user.

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