3 Things You Ought to Know About Electric Guitar Styles

3 Things You Ought to Know About Electric Guitar Styles
3 Things You Ought to Know About Electric Guitar Styles


Have you always wanted an electric guitar? So, before you choose one, you have things to consider to get the right fit for you. And if you plan to buy an electric guitar, you should first know the different styles of guitars. Continue reading to know more about each style you can play:

Metal for Rock and Heavy Metal Music

If you want to rock out in your garage or play heavy metal sounds with your band in your backyard, you may want to look for an electric guitar with a metal style. A guitar made for heavy metal sounds will typically be made of wood, contrary to popular belief. However, to make the sound needed, there are specific features the guitar will have.

You may have noticed that guitar players who play rock or metal music travel up and down the guitar’s neck. Because of this, the neck of this style of guitar will be thinner and much longer for easier transitions. Many would call this a downside since you will not be able to play other genres. However, if you strictly play punk rock and metal sounds, it is the perfect guitar style.

Jazz for Jazz and Blues

The jazz style will be strictly for jazzy sounds, as it is typically much larger than other styles to produce the warmer tones of jazz music. It is semi-acoustic as well, making it possible to create a natural resonance that jazz music entails. However, since it is semi-acoustic, it can also produce sounds perfect for other music genres such as indie and blues.

Meanwhile, you may want to hold off on such a style if you are a beginner because it can be difficult to control if you want versatility. Imagine trying out a heavier style such as punk rock with this type of guitar. You will get feedback that will be hard to control, so it would be best to stick with a more versatile style than this guitar style.

Stratocaster for All Genres

Now, if you are looking for versatility, the Stratocaster style is the one you should watch out for. It may be the perfect guitar for beginners because of how easy it will be to play different music genres with it. Hence, you do not need to be limited to one music genre with this style, unlike the metal and jazz styles discussed above. Moreover, this style is simple and easy to use, making it the perfect electric guitar for beginners or advanced players.

If you are only playing the instrument in your garage or shed, you may want to choose this style to not be too restricted with the music you can produce. However, if you are going to play heavy metal music or even jazz music for a crowd because it is your profession, it would be better to choose specialised guitars.

So coming to the end, this list is by no means an extensive one of all the electric guitar styles you can buy. There are others to choose from depending on what kind of music genre you want to play. For example, some would prefer the popular Les Paul style while others would choose the Telecaster style. So, it depends on your music genre preferences and budget when looking to buy an electric guitar and accessories. However, you can find these quality instruments online and get them at reasonable prices.

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