6 Reasons Why Do People Wear Contact Lenses Rather Than Eyeglasses

6 Reasons Why Do People Wear Contact Lenses Rather Than Eyeglasses

The clash between contact lenses and eyeglasses is not new and still confuses many people to this day. With added screen time, many people suffer from eye damage. Wearing eyeglasses is a common way to ease bad vision. However, contact lenses are a better substitute depending on personal preferences. 

Each option offers a range of pros and cons but contact lenses, such as clariti, have more benefits to contribute. These include: 

Contact Lenses Temporarily Corrects Vision 

If there is one massive difference between contacts and eyeglasses is the ability of the before aid your vision. Some people wear contacts overnight and be glasses-free the next day, particularly those made of corrective lenses. It helps reshape the cornea and even cure blurry eyesight and astigmatism in the short term.  

Contact Lenses Have Multiple Colour Options 

Every person has a unique eye colour. With contact lenses, it is possible to change eye colour now and then. You can buy one over-the-counter with a proper prescription. This is to avoid a high risk of eye infection. 

Contact Lenses Do Not Fog Up 

Eyeglasses fog up when the weather is cold and won’t guarantee clearer vision. In comparison, contact lenses provide an excellent focus without any distortion, even when it rains. It is because it does not form moist, unlike eyeglass lenses. 

Contact Lenses Offer a Wider Field of View 

The frame on eyeglasses causes a barrier, which prevents you from viewing things at a wide-angle. You might also not be seeing something around normally with glasses on compared to wearing contacts. Such a thing fits the eye’s curve for a more transparent and wider viewing angle and lessens distorting your overall vision.   

Contact Lenses Best Suit Active Lifestyle    

If you are an athlete, eyeglasses will cause inconvenience as you move most of the time. It is also a drawback when you need to wear safety gear, like a helmet or cap. Therefore, the most suitable eyewear is none other than contact lenses which won’t impair vision even with plenty of extra movements. 

Contact Lenses Promote a Higher Sense of Security 

One of the significant reasons why a person is unable to find their eyeglasses is forgetfulness. Wearing contacts can prevent a situation like that. Once you put on the contact lenses, there is nothing else to worry about. It is also quick to fix but be extra careful to avoid irritations. 

Downsides of Contact Lenses 

Of all the benefits of contact lenses, here are a few of the downsides that you should know:

  • High-maintenance 

Some potential risks of contact lenses are eye irritation and infection. These two could happen if the contacts do not undergo daily cleaning. Additionally, know when to replace the references to prevent more serious eye problems. 

  • Cost 

Contact lenses are worn daily compared to eyeglasses, meaning they must be replaced often, thus demanding more cost. In addition, regular eye checkups are also necessary to have some updates. However, affordable and yet high-quality contacts are widely available, and Clariti is an example.  

  • Difficult to Wear 

One wrong move in wearing contacts can damage the eyes. Also, it is not accessible to position contacts if it is your first time, unlike with eyeglasses that you can hang on your ears. 

If in doubt about choosing contact lenses over eyeglasses, you can reread its top six benefits. This eyewear solution differs a lot from glasses in terms of comfort and other unique features. However, with all the positive things about contact lenses, there are still a few downfalls to keep an eye on. Lastly, you can start wearing contacts in the morning without any chance of losing them.   

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