PDFBear’s Incredible PDF to PDF/A Converter


The electronic data file type for long-term preservation is PDF/A. Its purpose is to ensure that electronic documents could be viewed and reproduced in the same way in the future, regardless of the software used. As a result, the document must include all necessary elements (fonts, color profiles, and a digital signature if present in the original document) for authentic reproduction.

PDF is an acronym that stands for portable document format, while PDF/A is an abbreviation for portable document format archive. The latter is the most widely used format for archiving. A PDF to PDF/A converter is an extremely important tool for ensuring that you can reproduce your document of the same content in the future with whatever software is installed.

PDF to PDF/A Converter of PDFBear

The PDFBear’s incredible PDF to PDFA converter is one of the best features of this online platform that is very useful for everyone who works on documentation. PDFBear is a web-based tool for all of your PDF needs, and it is one of the most functional tools available to anyone, anywhere. You can use this to view, edit, merge, and compress PDF documents. You can even convert your PDF to PDF/a, which will allow you to access your PDF documents for an extended period of time.

With this, you can keep your documents in good condition, make digital copies of them. You can do a PDF conversion, but if you want your document to look the same in 50 years, 100 years, and beyond, you must convert it from PDF to PDF/A.

PDF/A is an ISO-compliant version of the PDF, or Portable Document Format, designed specifically for archiving and preserving digital documents. If you believe that PDF/A and PDF are just the same things, you are mistaken. PDF/A is more effective at document preservation. It deviates from PDF in that it forbids features that are detrimental to the preservation process, such as font linking and encryption. The PDF/A converter will reject anything in the PDF document that does not contribute to the preservation of the document.

The Process of Converting PDF to PDF/A

Many people would have difficulty converting their documents into the preferred file format. However, this website will provide you with answers without you having to spend money, exert a lot of effort, or waste time. In using PDFBear, go to its website on any device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can only view it if you are connected to the internet.

As you’ve already accessed the site, select excel to pdf from the list of services. Click the “Select Files” button. It would show up on your screen. You can upload the files you want to convert from your device or Dropbox by clicking it. You could also drag and drop the file into the toolbox if you don’t want to navigate through your device’s list of files.

The website will scan the document after you have correctly uploaded it. You will be able to select from several conformance levels on the website. On the website, you can read the description of each level. You won’t need to use Google to find the information you need because the website will do it for you. The conversion process will begin once you click “Convert PDF/a Now.” You can already download the document in PDF/a format in a matter of seconds.

What is PDFBear?

With PDFBear, you can get what you want out of your files as soon as reasonably practicable. If the latest document’s quality bothers you, rest easy that it will be of the same quality as the original version. It is not necessary to use a laptop to access the website. All of its features can be accessed via a mobile phone or tablet.

The website does not forbid the use of its services by any device or operating system. That is the extent to which this website is available. In terms of data protection and privacy, it employs SSL encryption to prevent others from accessing and using your information against you. This online tool guarantees that all of the files you upload will be safe.

PDFBear outperforms many other PDF converters and services available online. It is the best option for online PDF to PDF/A conversion because of its fast and efficient conversion and user-friendly interface. PDFBear offers a variety of methods for you to use, and you will never find anything like it that is open and usable.


If you have issues with your PDF documents, you have most likely searched for a way to solve them on Google. Such difficulties force you to investigate what tools are available on the internet. When something keeps bothering your PDF documents, you cannot rely on yourself because human potential is limitless. So here comes PDFBear to the rescue. To keep your documents widely available, safe, and secure for as long as possible, irrespective of technological changes, use PDFBear, the best tool for converting PDF files to PDF/A format.

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