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Tips for selecting the best pair of safety gloves

Tips for selecting the best pair of safety gloves

Specific industrial environments might put workers at higher risk without safety equipment. Thus, employers must equip their employees with enough safety equipment by recognising the vulnerability in the work environment. Like any other safety gear, safety gloves are necessary at work.

There are many safety gloves, such as leather gloves, heavy-duty gloves, mechanic gloves, and nitrile gloves. It is crucial to choose the right one according to industrial needs. Moreover, the employer’s duty does not stop with providing safety gloves. 

Must ensure that their employees know how to use it correctly. Adequate training must be provided to the employees to use safety gloves correctly in the workplace. Further, it is a legal mandate to provide the employees vulnerable to hazards with enough safety equipment.

Besides, protecting the employees with the right pair of gloves will also reduce work halts. So, how to purchase the right ones? Read further to know it. 

Conduct a need and risk assessment

It is imperative to study and understand the needs and risks of the job before choosing a safety glove. A comprehensive study can be conducted to establish an assessment. The work process, the kind of possible injuries, and the safety requirement have to be determined in the evaluation. Skipping this step will never allow you to reach the right pair of gloves. 

Explore and choose the suitable material

Selecting a suitable material is one of the essential tips. The right material will depend on the kind of work the employees execute.

If employees are indulged in gardening, carpentry, cooking, and metalworking, they will need safety gloves that can endure punctures. Proper padding and the right thickness of the gloves should be looked for to protect the hands from injury.

For the construction or woodworking industry, the clause should be impact resistant. Extra padding should be given on the palm and the knuckle to resist the power tools’ chafing, blistering, or bruising.  

Thus, suitable materials must be picked according to the industry and the work done. 

Do not compromise with grip and comfort.

Regarding safety, factors such as grip and comfort cannot be compromised. Especially mechanics dealing with oily engines, nuts, and bolts need mechanic gloves with good grip. 

The execution of the task critically depends upon the grip of the gloves. Any safety gloves are worn for at least eight working hours. Employees should not feel irritable wearing gloves but handle it like their second skin. So while ensuring the grip, the gloves should also be soft and flexible for comfort.

Check whether it fits the right. 

You can never call a safety glove safe if it does not fit properly. The protective features of the gloves will work if it is provided right. Also, it is crucial to check whether the gloves are too bulky or too fragile. 

It is impossible to execute industrial tasks with a heavy hand if it is too bulky. It cannot protect the employee from injury if it is too fragile. However, this again depends upon the kind of work. 

Some professions like engineering will need heavy gloves, and others like cooking and gardening will need light ones. 

Ensure durability and breathability

It is crucial not to compromise on the quality to ensure durability. It is essential to check that the clouds are made of high-quality materials like synthetic leather. Durability does not mean that the gloves should not even allow air inside the gloves. Breathability is a significant factor. This feature can avoid blisters, rashes, etc.

Thus, these are the tips to follow before purchasing safety gloves. One can follow the above steps irrespective of the industry they belong to and opt for a seamless industrial operation.

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