Does Protein Powder Benefit Your Health?


If you are looking for healthy living and strong mental abilities, you need to take care of the nutrition that your body requires. Your body is made of what you eat, and protein is one of the three primary macronutrients that must be included in your diet. Protein deficiency can lead to poor muscle health and many other complications.

Protein can be found in foods including milk, eggs, poultry, almonds, cottage cheese, oats, Greek yogurt, broccoli, lean beef, tuna, quinoa, lentils, etc. Moreover, if you think that your diet does not contain sufficient protein, you can buy protein powder.

Can Protein Powder Consumption Benefit Your Health?

For many years, bodybuilders have depended on protein supplements. Even it is not something new among the people who have been doing heavy exercises for years. Earlier, protein supplements were used as sports supplements for buffing up muscle. And nowadays, many health freak people are adding protein supplements to their regular diets. Even so, some people are still hesitant about the efficiency of such supplements.

According to renowned physicians and nutritionists, these supplements in the form of powder have several proven benefits. And, you can leverage these benefits of protein powder even when you are not a regular gym-goer.

Health experts suggest protein powder for different purposes, such as weight loss, gaining muscle mass, and other health benefits. Among various forms of protein supplements, the powder is the most used one, as it has gained immense popularity since they are:

  • Easy to prepare
  • Available everywhere
  • Little to no time-consuming

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Adult men doing sedentary, moderate, or heavy work need 60.0 grams of protein per day. Adult women doing sedentary, moderate, and heavy work need 55 grams per day. Pregnant women need 78 grams per day, while children aged 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9 years need 16.7 grams, 20.2 grams, and 29.5 grams of protein per day, respectively. Boys (10-17) need 39.9 to 61.5 grams, while girls (10-17) need 40.4-55.5 grams of protein per day.

If your diet does not meet the protein requirement of your body as per your age (as stated above), you can take protein powder after having your breakfast. However, pregnant women must consult an experienced doctor before taking protein powder.

Ways in Which Protein Powder Benefits Your Body

Helps With Weight Loss

Protein supplements, powder, in particular, make the stomach feel fuller. This way, they decrease one’s hunger. When you eat less, and your stomach is also full, your weight is bound to be reduced.

Speeds Up Muscle Growth

Muscle building is one of the most common reasons behind embracing protein powder. It plays an active role in the formation and growth of muscle.

Helps in Recovery After Exercise

People who visit a gym regularly or do heavy exercises know that their body needs support after a long gym or exercise session. Hence, drinking a shake made of protein powder is the best way of recovering your body after your gym or exercise session.

Offers Added Nutrition

People who find it difficult to meet standard protein requirements every day can take protein powder as an alternative. These powders provide added nutrition that helps athletes and people suffering from protein deficiency boost their energy and health.

No matter your health goals, protein can be considered a pillar of nutrients for any diet program. It’s an open secret among athletes and people who regularly go to the gym that they need plenty of protein. Moreover, even if body-building is not on your to-do list, you can leverage benefits from protein supplements.

These days, protein is available in the market in multiple forms. But, you should always choose a form that your body can easily digest.  Protein powder can be used in making a protein shake easily. And it is perhaps the best form of protein since it can be digested quickly. That’s why most people want to buy protein powder to meet their regular requirements. Also, if required, consult an experienced nutritionist before purchasing this powder.

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