Wedding Flower Checklist: Everything About Bouquets & Arrangements


Are you planning a wedding soon? Then create a floral wedding checklist that includes all flower-related wedding accessories. You may simply need bouquets, boutonnieres, and centrepieces if you’re keeping it pure. You can also go out of the box and make use of arrangements everywhere, including cocktail tables, chairs, stage, mandap, and even in the bathroom. So, whatever may be your floral vision, this guide will assist you in considering every variety of wedding flowers and who will receive them.

Bouquet for the Bride

It is the most crucial arrangement to do right. And, it is, without a doubt, the most photographed floral element during the event. Also, keep in mind that being more expensive does not always imply larger and better.

Floral Crown or Hair Flowers

It is an optional setup, but it should be a top priority if you’re going this route. If you’re going to use flowers to adorn your hair, you’ll want to make sure that they’re perfect. After all, they may be photographed even more than the bouquet.

Bouquets for Bridesmaids

The bridesmaid bouquets are easily the second most essential arrangement after the bride’s bouquet. Of course, they do not have to be necessarily included, but many couples do so. They can also be great when taking pictures with the bridesmaids.

Bouquet for Tossing

Many brides just toss their bridal bouquet at the bouquet toss, but if you want to keep your flowers, you might want to consider another method. That is, you may toss a scaled-down replica of your wedding bouquet.

Corsages for Mothers

A corsage is a small bouquet of flowers customarily worn as a bracelet around a woman’s wrist. Wedding corsages are mainly for the bride’s mother, groom’s mother, bride and groom’s grandmothers, and other notable female guests who aren’t part of the leading wedding party.

Boutonniere for the Groom

Boutonnieres are an excellent way for the groom and his bridesmaid to match on the wedding day. But, it does not always have to be something fancy; a few tiny flowers will suffice.

Corsages and Other Boutonnieres

While it is not needed, matching boutonnieres, corsages, or nosegays for other members of the wedding party or significant guests may be an option. The ring bearer, the groom or bride’s parents and grandparents, the officiant, and ushers are all possible candidates.

Arrangements for the Entryway or Welcome Table

These floral wedding accessories are a great way to start the day for everyone. You can get away with using different décor pieces while still getting the same impression. For centrepieces, consider lanterns, fruit, branches, or even terrariums.

Altar Decorations

A person will take the majority of their ceremony images against this backdrop. While florals aren’t necessary on your altar, folks do enjoy a lovely floral arch.

Arrangements of Chairs

These will make your wedding aisle oh-so-beautiful and boost the aesthetic of your guests’ sitting. For the most accessible reuse as wedding décor, an organic type arrangement on the floor can be a terrific alternative.

Decorated Aisles

Set two statement arrangements on both sides of the aisle to create a significant effect without spending a fortune. It frames the aisle and allows for a fantastic photo without the need for numerous small setups down the aisle. Setting them up at the beginning and end of the aisle is also gorgeous.

Chandelier With Flowers

Another people’s favourite decorative feature is hanging flower arrangements, such as floral chandeliers. They’ll hang above the head table, dance floor, or across the reception hall and are usually in the shape of a wreath or have tiers.

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